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Book a LOVE BOATS cruise to enjoy the most magnificent views of Dubai’s best landmarks.

See Dubai from a different angle on the best speedboat tour in Dubai! Settle into your seat and experience a thrilling speedboat ride with breathtaking views of the Dubai coastline and iconic landmarks. Our skilled and experienced captains will make sure you have a safe and informative journey.

Rafael Lucas

Head of Business Development

Life is about having Fun

Nice to meet you, Rafael here! Brazilian football lover I’ve been in Dubai for more than 7 years. Get your camera ready because you are about to see many breathtaking views with our tours. As my grandfather used to say ‘’ Stop collecting things and start collecting memories ‘’. So get ready, set and let's have Fun. See you soon !!

If you are a photo lover and enjoy taking pictures on the world's most famous landmarks, DO NOT miss a ride in this fun speed boat trip!


Senior Skipper

Keep Calm I’m the Captain

Hello, It is a pleasure meeting you. My name is William and I come from an amazing and exotic placed called India. Sailing for more than 10 years I will be your captain. Get ready to laugh as I consider myself a bit of a comedian !!! Thrill, fun and informative tour is what I guarantee to you.

Good value for money, our guide was excellent taking photos for us and telling us about each area. The views are amazing!


Senior Skipper

I love my daily dose of Vitamin SEA

Nice to meet you, My name is Sathish. I have been sailing for more than 8 years and I am a speed fan. Going fast and creating amazing experiences is what I do. I would love to have you in one of our tours so I can show the best of Dubai.

One word - Fantastic .... v just had a fabulous time out !!